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Crackberry Confessions: You Fart Me Happy


I was in the Target the other day. There was some dumb kid just sitting in the middle of the register aisles. He was probably around 5 or 6. The kid was sitting there with his shoes off playing with some random thing. The mother was not paying attention or not caring that the kid was just sitting there blocking all of the aisle so people couldn’t get past.

I was annoyed at both the mother and the kid. So because I was annoyed, I stepped very near the kid, pretended to look at candy and farted on him.

Unfortunately my flatulence isn’t as hard core vomit inducing as it used to be. Quite honestly, the kid probably just said to himself, “Huh…it seems a slight bit warmer now”. I didn’t really attempt to gas the kid to death, but that small gesture definitely did lighten up my mood and didn’t make me as angry as before farting on him.

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