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iPhone Confessions: Daddys Home?


From just plain old daddy issues to just another term of endearment. It was really a split down the middle of women referring to their man as “Daddy”. To me I think it’s funny seeing that I am really a dad so I just look at it as you are acknowledging my parenting skills. But let’s be honest it’s no worst for a woman to refer to her man as ‘daddy’ than it is for a man to call his girl ‘lil mama’, ‘baby’, ‘mami’, and so on. The whole incest thing some women bring up about it holds no water when you turn around and call your man baby. So now you can sleep with your baby but not your daddy?! Does sound terrible either way to say it. I know guys and dolls ( like how i threw that in there?) don’t have a problem with being called most things but a lot of women have a problem with the ‘daddy’ reference. Keep it real if you have a problem with it just say you don’t like to call your man that and not try to throw the it says gross because I could say will don’t ask me to call you baby. I don’t feel like being R. Kelly or MJ (too soon?) tonite.

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